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Umair Toor is the CEO of the “UMAYBA” organization. He has intensive experience in technology and digital marketing, as well as building multiple companies throughout the globe.

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Our Mission

      Is two-faceted, yet simple. First, generate and add $1 billion in the service sector and eCommerce exports annually by 2025 by enabling and empowering the people with the right skills and professional training. Second, to make Pakistan the hub of international eCommerce - we want that whenever anyone around the world thinks of eCommerce, they think of Pakistan, making Pakistan a truly digital economy.

We know our mission is ambitious, and we take pride in that because we have been able to fight the tide and prove that we at UMAYBA can think the unthinkable and deliver the impossible. In 2020, when UMAYBA was founded by Umair Toor, we faced cutthroat opposition, criticism, and resistance, yet despite all of it we were able to pioneer within the eCommerce EdTech sector and changed the perceptions of the whole nation regarding starting an Amazon-based business from Pakistan, paving the way for others to follow.

Start of our operations, we focused on business automation and wealth creation through Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) model. However, keeping our vision in mind we have added multiple international eCommerce and digital skills development opportunities to our platform.

Core Values


We don't follow old & traditional ways for work. Our has its own uniqueness.

In-demand Skills

We are working on in-demand skills of the international market.

Success Journey

We make our team members professional experts for international markets.

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